Below is the bidding process for ICSC2024, which is now open

The International Cycling Safety Conference (ICSC) is a forum for researchers and experts in the field of cycling safety to exchange their knowledge and bring up new research topics or safety solutions. ICSC is organized every year by different institutions, typically universities and research institutes.

ICSC2024 is planned for November 2024 and we welcome bids especially from countries outside Europe. To express your interest in organizing ICSC2024, please submit your plan (see details below) by June 20th, 2023 to; the ICSC Steering Committee will review the applications and select a host of the upcoming ICSC conference by the end of August 2023.

It will provide the host approximately two years to prepare for the conference.

The following items identify the components of the plan to host ICSC2024:

  1. Venue of the meeting - The host agency should identify the venue for the meeting including a list of possible facilities that can accommodate approximately, and not less than 200 participants.
  2. Track record of past meetings organized - A list of meetings that the host agency has organised in the past should be provided identifying the name of the meeting, the venue where it was held, the number of attendees and any sponsors of the meeting. Publications of the conference papers from any meetings in special issues of scientific journals should also be indicated.
  3. Potential sponsors & financial plan - Any potential sponsors that have been identified should be presented and, if possible, the level of sponsorship needs to be discussed. In the event that no sponsors have already committed to sponsoring the ICSC, a plan for securing such sponsor should be discussed and the sponsorship level should be identified. In any case a business plan of the Conference activity has to be drafted.
  4. Conference organization - A draft of the timetable for organising the conference should be presented including the principal steps for
    • Calls for abstract/papers
    • Selection and acceptance processes for abstracts and full papers
    • Registration of the participants (time schedule and fees typology)
    • Website availability
  5. Review Process - The selection and acceptance process for abstracts, full papers, and the organization of a special issue of a journal dedicated to the conference, will be guided by the steering committee of ICSC and executed in full collaboration with the host agency. Please identify the people from the host agency who will be active in these selection and acceptance processes.
  6. Conference scientific activities - A list of proposed activities should be included identifying the presence of podium or poster sessions, technical tours and workshops. At minimum, podium sessions should be provided to accommodate presentations of papers submitted. For the workshops, a brief description of each anticipated workshop should be provided identifying content and expected number of participants. For the technical tours, the number of participants to be accommodated should be included as well. The host institute should also identify potential keynote speakers for the conference. Other forms of activities at the conference may also be proposed.
  7. Conference social activities - The host agency should propose various social activities, such as welcome reception, Gala dinner, and other forms of social activities that potentially strengthens the bond between the participants of the conference.
  8. Conference outcome - The host agency should identify the means for disseminating the conference proceedings. In addition, any plans for publishing proceedings in refereed journals should be identified by titles of potential journals for a special issue dedicated to the conference.
  9. Conference evaluation - The host agency should provide a plan for evaluating the conference after completion and provide a time plan for feedback to the Steering Committee.
  10. Proposed theme for the conference (optional) - The host agency may decide to provide a specific theme for the conference that must coincide with the major goal of the ICSC conference.  
If you are interest in bidding and would like to have an example, please mail to receive a copy of the winning bids from previous ICSCs.

Before preparing a full bid, please get in touch with the steering committee to manifest your intention and get advice.

This request for interest was largely inspired by the Road Safety and Simulation Conference.
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