About the International Cycling Safety Community

The mission of the International Cycling Safety (ICS) community is to improve cycling safety through scientific work. The ICS community is intended to disseminate scientific results to all cycling safety stakeholders. The yearly ICS conferences offer a premium forum to share scientific results and to favor networking inside the ICS community.

About the International Cycling Safety Conference

The International Cycling Safety Conference (ICSC) is a forum for researchers and experts in the field of cycling safety to exchange their knowledge and bring up new research topics or safety solutions. The conference started as a Dutch initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, TNO, Fietsberaad (Dutch center of expertise on bicycle policy), SWOV and Delft University of Technology and this year the conference will take place in Bologna, Italy. The 2016 Conference will be the fifth event in an annual sequence. The Conferences are organised in a way to facilitate the interaction between the participants. All conference papers are publicly available at the conference web-sites. All papers submitted for the conference will be peer-reviewed by experts in the field. Selected scientific papers from the conference are often published in a special issue of a scientific journal.

Topics for the conference include:

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